Mike Hudson

One of the huge advantages of being in Harrogate Photographic Society is exposure to the enormous variety of genres, styles and techniques of photography that are demonstrated to our members during the regular Monday evening talks given by inspiring, imaginative, innovative and enthusiastic photographers.

However, despite the potential temptation to be influenced by the work of other photographers, I endeavour to nurture my own visual style, both in subject matter and in post-processing my images; some are virtually ‘out of camera’ and others have been refined using a broad palette of software to secure the effect or ‘feel’ I wish to achieve.

I rarely use a tripod or flash, preferring to hand hold the camera, combined with use of natural or available light. I prefer emotive responses rather than technical perfection in my images. I enjoy the spontaneity of exploring a location, event or subject, seeking out any unusual aspects; I photograph just about anything that captures my attention and inquisitiveness.