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Yorkshire Photo Walks: Free introductory offer.

To celebrate the release of a brand new schedule of spring-themed photographic walks through the inspirational Yorkshire landscape, Yorkshire Photo Walks & Workshops would like to invite you to a Free Introductory Photo Walk at Spofforth Castle on Saturday the 29th of March.

Whatever level you perceive your own photography and whatever camera you use, you are most welcome to join us to find out how we can help you improve your skills.

Participants will be introduced to the stimulating teaching of our expert guide. Find out how your camera works, how to compose stunning photographs and how to generate consistency in your practice.

To find out more about this unique opportunity and to book your place on the walk, please visit our website


Why is printing such a challenge?

Getting the colours right depends upon so many factors. Even if you have calibrated your screen, the printed colours will depend upon the paper, inks, the printer, the colour of the surrounding mountboard and the lighting in the room!

Then there is the question of mount size and type of mount. Although the recommended mount size is 40cm by 50cm, any image of 7” by 5” or above is accepted in HPS competitions. The traditional mount is a window mount, but surface mounting with or without a mountboard border is ok.

Finally, doing a large number of prints can be expensive if you do not have your own A3 printer and a mountboard cutter. Surface mounting an 8” by 10” purchased print onto a 30cm by 40cm board is a cost-effective start!

Your major strategy decisions?

Do you want to be self-sufficient and buy an A3 printer and mountboard cutter or do you want to keep it simple and buy your prints locally or over the Internet?

Are you only entering HPS competitions or are you planning to enter external ones such as the annual print competition run by the YPU? (External competitions will need 40cm by 50cm mounts.)

Monday Help Desk

Until the end of December, there will be a Help Desk, and display of mounted prints, on Monday evenings – to help you get started and find the best solutions. See you there?

Ralph Woodhead

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