9 September 2019

Welcome to HPS

An evening to welcome new and returning members with a preview of the forthcoming Programme of Talks.

Annual subscriptions are due.


16 September 2019

Ian MacNicol

Sports Photography

Ian is a professional, multi award winning photographer based in Glasgow.

Specialising in sports photography both home and abroad he has been fortunate enough to cover Summer & Winter Olympic Games, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, World & European Athletics Championships, World Swimming Championships, Wimbledon Championships, as well as Football World Cups, European Football Championships, Champions League Finals and English Premier League Football.

Ian’s work can regularly be seen in both print and online publishing worldwide, and has recently been working with prestigious clients such as Swimming Australia and Swimming Canada. He is also a regular stringer and contributor to the highly acclaimed Getty Images.


Ian’s awards are numerous and recent awards include Picture Editors Guild Awards: Canon Sports Photographer of the year 2018, International Black and White Spider Awards: 1st Place – Outstanding Achievement – Professional Sports Category (World Wide), Scottish Press Photography Awards: Winner – Sports Feature Picture of the year and many more.


23 September 2019

Carolyn Mendelsohn

'Being Inbetween'

Carolyn Mendelsohn is known as a portrait photographer and an artist who uses photography and film and sound to realize creative ideas rooted within the lives of individuals, their story and location. Her work is crafted through a rigorous process of social research and collection of material. It follows a visual narrative and usually has emotional content and she is known for creating compelling, powerful portraits. Alongside this she works on personal portrait commissions and commercial briefs, lifestyle and fashion. Carolyn has received many awards including winning British Journal of Photography, Portrait of Britain, RPS IPE 159 gold medal, Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 – lifestyle Category.

In 2018 she was shortlisted for the International Women Photographers Award, and nominated for the RPS 100 Heroines. The work was selected and exhibited for AOP 50 by Zelda Cheatle. Her work has been published in the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, La Monde, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Yorkshire Post, Click Magazine, The Daily Mail, The British Journal of Photography, Professional Photography Magazine, Amateur Photographer and many other national and international magazines, in print and online.


'Being Inbetween' is an acclaimed photographic series of over 80 portraits (with recorded interviews) taken over a period of 5 years, of girls aged between ten and twelve, which explores the complex transition between girlhood and young adulthood. The work arises from Carolyn’s own memories of this age, and the desire to give a voice to this undefinable age-group. Using short interviews and powerful portraits, Mendelsohn reveals each of the girls’ identities, telling us stories about the young women of tomorrow.

“The series is an exploration, a way of giving a voice to the girl I was and the girls who are; a way to explore the hidden complexity, duality and contradictions that mark this phase of life.” Carolyn Mendelsohn

The work has been exhibited in 4 solo exhibitions across the country, including Salts Mill, The Crossley Gallery, Halifax, and 19 Mallord Street, Chelsea.

Carolyn will talk about her journey as a photographer, and the development of ‘Being Inbetween’ a personal project, giving a real insight into the development of this work. She will talk about personal projects/portraits and she will share her process and techniques involved in creating striking and compelling portraits, and also if time do a live demonstration.


30 September 2019

The Photography of

'The Yorkshire Shepherdess'

Amanda Owen

Shepherdess, hill farmer, writer, photographer, public speaker and mother of nine, Amanda Owen lives a busy and rewarding life with her husband Clive and their family at Ravenseat in Swaledale, one of the highest, most remote hill farms in England.

After being featured in the popular ITV Series The Dales, Amanda began documenting the fascinating story of her farming life, publishing two bestselling books: The Yorkshire Shepherdess in 2014, and A Year in the Life of The Yorkshire Shepherdess in 2016.

Amanda will illustrate what the life of a hill shepherd entails, starting with the early influence that the book Hill Shepherd (John & Eliza Forder, 1989) played in shaping the course of her life. Inspired by natural, yet not necessarily beautiful, images and sharing an honest assessment of the trials and tribulations of taking photographs in a working environment, Amanda will discuss how the photographs in her visual diary help the viewer to understand the many elements of her life in the wilds

This special event is organised by Harrogate Photographic Society and is open to everyone.

To be held in Ashville College’s Soothill Hall, there are over 500 seats and the site has ample free parking*.

Amanda will be signing copies of her latest book Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess. (Payment by cash or cheque only)

7.30pm (doors open 7pm)

TICKETS £10 per person. (Unreserved seats)

In Person: Harrogate Theatre, Oxford St, Harrogate

By Telephone: 01423 502116


*The car park entrance is on Yew Tree Lane - for SatNav use HG2 9JP.

7 October 2019

Judge for Yourself

This is an evening for members to see their images on the big screen and have them reviewed anonymously by 3 experienced HPS photographers. It’s not a competition evening, but a chance to have general feedback on work in progress. There are no categories to limit the choice of images, 3 per author.

14 October 2019

Sarah & Jeff Ascough

From Street to Field


Sarah & Jeff are internationally published editorial, landscape and street photographers; their talk focuses on their street photography and commercial work.



21 October 2019

Andrew Marland ARPS

The Industrial Tourist

This thought-provoking talk (previously titled Mechanical Landscapes) is approximately 90 minutes and is a wander through the remnants of the northern industrial landscape. Covering a diverse selection of sites such as the enormous slate quarries of Snowdonia, abandoned textile mills in Lancashire and Yorkshire, a disused underground coal mine, the bizarre landscapes of active steelworks, a beached passenger ship, as well as unique views of the inside of derelict cooling towers, this talk is somewhat different to the majority of camera club talks. The images are predominantly black and white, with splashes of colour.


28 October 2019

HPS Members’ Evening

Details to be announced.

4 November 2019

Annual Print Competition (1st of 3 nights)

Judge:  Ray Brammall


11 November 2019

Arthur Edwards MBE

Photographing the Royal Family

Arthur Edwards has been royal photographer at The Sun since 1977. He has photographed 7 Royal weddings, 4 Royal funerals, and 8 Royal births. He has covered over 150 overseas Royal tours in over 100 countries.

He was awarded the MBE in 2003, for "outstanding service to newspapers" and was awarded an honorary doctorate by Anglia Ruskin University in 2012. He was a castaway on Desert Island Discs in 2013.



18 November 2019

Lizzie Shepherd 

Unremarkable Scenes - Landscape Opportunities

Lizzie describes how best to photograph everyday scenes and hidden landscapes, working with your local environs imaginatively to achieve different perspectives in your photography.


25 November 2019

Annual Print Competition (2nd of 3 nights)

Judge: Andrew Rothery

2 December 2019

Annual Print Competition (3rd of 3 nights)

Judge: Andrew Linscott


9 December 2019


‘Inside my head’

The work I do I consider to be photographic art. That is to say it is not something ‘taken’ but created from a vision inside my head and then, through the combination of very many photos and textures, becomes the final image.

My work is dominantly with models and includes some straight art nude, but mainly clothed beautiful females, with a few guys in the talk for good measure. 

Living in the Netherlands hasn’t inhibited my tours in the UK, being the Chair of the RPS Digital Imaging Group and being an RPS Assessor. It is a pleasure to help others achieve their own photographic goals and even if the work they do is vastly different to my own I hope to inspire others to think out side the box.  

As an appointed Permajet lecturer I consider myself to be a print worker. The choice of paper being determined by the subject matter.


16 December 2019

HPS Members’ Evening

This will be a pre-Christmas event not to be missed!

6 January 2020

President’s Evening - Richard Chave-Cox

Serendipity and an Anthropomorphic View


13 January 2020

Damien Demolder

Street Photography: Light & Life on the Streets

Damien is a photographer, journalist and photographic equipment expert, speaker, judge and educator. He has worked in the photographic publishing industry since 1997, including 15 years at the world’s only weekly photo magazine, Amateur Photographer, where he was editor.

He writes for regularly for DP Review, and British Journal of Photography magazine as well as occasionally for other UK and international photographic magazines and websites.

He is a brand, marketing and technology advisor for camera manufacturers, providing consultancy services for market development, effective sales, brand positioning and particularly for reaching consumers. He assists with photographic product development, retail strategies and direct connection with the end user. Demonstrating products that he loves to use is a key skill, as is presenting on photographic technique and technical matters.

Damien uses a wide range of equipment, from wooden plate cameras to the latest DSLRs, and is a great fan of mirrorless camera systems, and all products that make good photography more accessible to more people.


Although he specialises in street photography, he also shoots portraits, landscapes, architecture, natural macro and occasionally even wildlife and weddings.

Photographic Media: Amateur Photographer magazine, British Journal of Photography, Digital Photographer, DP Review, DSLR Photography, N-Photo, Photo Plus, Pixel, Professional Photographer, RPS Journal, Shoot magazine, TechRadar.

National Media: The Saturday Times, The Mail On Saturday, Metro, The Evening Standard.

Competitions Judged: Chair of Judges for the Open, National and Youth categories of 2017 Sony World Photo Awards, Take a View (Landscape Photographer of the Year),  International Garden Photographer of the Year, Amateur Photographer of the Year, British Heart Foundation Red Heart competition, The Thames Festival.

Books: Advanced Photography: Shooting Skills, Essential Software Techniques.


20 January 2020

Harriet & Rob Fraser

Projects, Poetry and Prose: The Long View

Harriet and Rob work together as somewhere-nowhere, combining writing, poetry, photography and art installations in an exploration of the natural world and environmental issues. Their practice is rooted in walking and extended periods of slow time outdoors, complemented with research and conversations that afford them insights into the many different elements of place. 

Rob has worked as a professional photographer for more than 30 years in a wide variety of fields, while Harriet has been writing for 25 years; both have travelled widely through their work, but now focus on local issues in the UK, with a specific interest in the uplands, and Cumbria. In addition to self-led projects, they work as consultants on issues of culture and environment and contribute regularly to conferences and festivals centred on environmental issues, bringing the power and provocative potential of art and poetry into wider conversations about sustainability.


Their recent project, The Long View, two years with seven remarkably ordinary trees, resulted in an exhibition that toured the UK 2016-2017, a book that was shortlisted for Cumbria Book of the Year, 2018, and three permanent sculptures in Cumbria. Their current project, Sense of Here, brings walking, photography, poetry and debate together in a consideration of place and our relationship to nature, and involves evolving maps in a wide gathering of stories about place.


27 January 2020

Sean Conboy FRPS FBIPP

Architectural Photography

Sean has had a passion for images since the age of 11 and started his career in professional photography 30 years ago. Known for his use of space and light, the British architectural photographer Sean Conboy is best known for creating majestic images of large scale interiors, as well as drawing the viewer into more intimate spaces with perfectly crafted composition and lighting.

Sean shoots Architecture and interiors for many national and international clients around the world . A photographer who very much learnt his craft in the era of large format film and cameras Sean regularly speaks and gives workshops for companies like Hasselblad, Linhof and Broncolor and is involved in judging for the Hasselblad Masters and many photographic organisations 


3 February 2020

Projected Digital Image Competition (1st of 3 nights)

Judge:  Tillman Kleinhans

10 February 2020

HPS Members’ Evening

Details to be announced.

17 February 2020

Andy Skillen

Walking with bears: on foot adventures with grizzlies and polars

Andy has been photographing wildlife since the age of seven when he first got his hands on a camera. Since then he has been fortunate to travel the world in search of close-up encounters, primarily on foot, with not only the world’s most iconic, but also its less well-known species. Throughout Andy’s professional career, his work has been awarded and commended both nationally and internationally and his pictures have been exhibited in galleries at home and also overseas. His work is globally published in books, magazines and other media and he remains a regular feature writer for a number of the world’s leading publications as well as a regular on the international speaking circuit.


In addition to limited edition fine art images, he also undertakes tailored commissions for people wanting a specific image as well as running tuition days, workshops and leading budding wildlife photographers on exclusive guided tours to some of the locations where he has worked for the last two decades. Andy is also a member of a truly exclusive club, being one of only a handful of photographers worldwide, to lead photographic safaris to track polar bears on foot in the sub-arctic and high arctic.

Andy’s work has always been about connecting the onlooker with a frozen moment in time; the establishment of an unique connection between the voyeur and the viewed. 


“I want people to see the real world, not some photo-shop crazy image of a captive animal. All my images have always been taken in truly wild conditions and had the minimum amount of post-processing. I want you, the viewer, to feel privileged to be sharing a raw, real fraction of a second, not some idealized fiction. If you can look at these images and think ‘what happened next?’, ‘what were they thinking?’, or ‘where are they now?’ then I will have achieved what I set out to.” 

24 February 2020

Projected Digital Image Competition (2nd of 3 nights)

Judge: Paul Bullock

2 March 2020

Print Open Panel Competition

Judge: John Williams

John will give extended critiques of members’ submissions.


9 March 2020


Creative + General

Len describes his photography as digital art, a mix of photographic images and digital art. He is an amateur photographer and stresses that photography for him is just a hobby no more, no less.

He doesn’t have a website and does not promote or sell his images.

Len has had an interest in photography for 45 years and in digital photography since the year 2000.

Len is a judge with the Midland Counties Photographic Federation and gives talks at clubs from time to time. He says that photography for him is a therapy that satisfies his artistic side and is not a passion.

Unlike a natural history or landscape photographer Len doesn’t set out to take a particular image or capture a particular scene. He says he generally takes random images that end up being combined with other images, textures and layers to create something that evolves in a trial and error way.

Although not all his images are composites, 90% of what he produces has been manipulated in one way or another.

Over the past few years he has entered a number of national and international salons and gained FIAP,  PSA, RPS and PAGB gold medals.

Portrait of a Korean Woman.jpg

16 March 2020

Projected Digital Image Competition (4th of 3 nights)

Judge: David Goodier

23 March 2020

HPS Members’ Evening

Details to be announced.


30 March 2020

Jim Holmes BA (Hons)*

Humanitarian Vision

An exploration of aspects of the extraordinary work done around the World by agencies and charities that specialise in humanitarian emergency interventions and log-term development projects.

Uplifting and insightful, this presentation includes challenging images from Afghanistan, Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia and Burma.

*Documentary Photography


6 April 2020

HPS Members’ Evening

Details to be announced.

13 April 2020

Easter Monday (no meeting)


20 April 2020

Paul Colley CB OBE ARPS

Environmentalist / nature

Paul is a freelance wildlife photographer striving to make more images count in the conservation of wildlife.  He works with marine, freshwater and bat conservation agencies, most notably Fauna and Flora International and the Blue Marine Foundation, which create marine protected areas worldwide. 

Chairman of the British Society of Underwater Photographers since 2015 and director of pcuw photography ltd, Paul pioneered remote control photography techniques to document wildlife in UK rivers and to photograph bats in flight.  He is rapidly establishing a position as one of the world’s leading bat photographers.

Overall winner of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018, Paul has also recorded major successes in Underwater Photographer of the Year and Bird Photographer of the Year.  The Royal Photographic Society awarded him a Gold Medal for photography and his work has been used by the BBC.  His book Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera secured him a Royal Photographic Society Associateship for the contribution that it made to the research, education and application of photography.

In 2019 Paul was a judge for the British Wildlife Photography Awards; the UK’s preeminent wildlife photography competition.


27 April 2020

AGM & Preview of 2019-2020 Programme

Election of Officers and discussion of current concerns.