PHOTOBOOKS - A selection of recently published and soon to be released photobooks


Photographer: PAUL KENNY
Publisher: Kozu Books
Price: From £40
Publication Date: June 2019
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O Hanami - The Celebration of Transient Beauty ties together several threads of Paul Kenny’s work from 1995 through to previously unseen images made in 2018.

The unifying core being work made with scraps of natural material from his garden and the hedgerows around his home.

"Between 1995 and 1999 I made a large series of works utilising leaves picked up on walks in Scorton Woods, Lancashire. I called the work ‘Leaving’, and it formed part of my first ever London show in 1998.

In the spring of 1999 I spent three weeks in Japan on a travel grant from the Sasakawa Foundation whilst there, I witnessed the 'O Hanami'... the joyous worship of the opening of the cherry blossom. I was told the literal translation of 'O Hanami' was “flower watching “ but the poetic translation was “the celebration of transient beauty”. The phrase stuck in my head for years.

From time to time I would look at the ‘Leaving’ prints and was always reminded of their beauty and fragility. It also highlighted how much my work has moved on in relation to the media, techniques, technologies and processes I now use, while still retaining a direct line to the ideas, concerns and motifs of that early work.

The impetus that brought these threads together was a very harsh winter in Northumberland. We were completely snowed in for over three weeks around Christmas 2010 and I was forced to stick close to home – trips to the beach were out of the question for about a month. This resulted in my field of vision being restricted; I was forced to work with the world around my feet. Teasing some scraps of natural material from under the snow or from the ice in the frozen garden pond, I began making a new body of work which became the 'O Hanami' series."

The most recent works were made using material gathered on my daily dog walk from trees that were damaged during the heavy storms (Storm Ali and Bronagh September 2018)

8 pages, 230mm x 330mm Portrait

Casebound, Thread Sewn

170gsm Fine Matt Coated


Photographer: GRAEME OXBY
Publisher: Bluecoat Press
Price: £25
Publication Date: July 2018
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Graeme Oxby is a documentary and portrait photographer and presented his work to Harrogate Photographic Society in April 2018.

A stunning photobook celebrating the colour, spectacle and love of the people in the UK who pay tribute to Elvis, The King.

For 15 years he made music videos and commercials as well as TV and film commissions, working with film luminaries like John Hurt, Peter Capaldi and Joss Ackland. Currently a Lecturer at The University of Lincoln and is an External Examiner at University of West London.

He was Artistic Director of The Hull International Photography Festival in 2015 and was commissioned by Hull City of Culture to deliver the Hull Beermat Photography Festival in 2017.


Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press
Price: £30
Publication Date: May 2018
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These hyperreal photographs of East London street corners are a unique documentation of an ever-changing landscape. Using multiple exposures, Chris Dorley-Brown plays out different narratives simultaneously, creating dream-like scenes that lie somewhere between fiction and reality.

Chris has been living and working in East London for over 20 years. He set up his own photographic practice in 1984 and has since expanded his activities to film-making and radio and has worked as a sound designer for BBC Radio 3. The Corners is Chris’ third photography book.

96pp, hardback with cloth spine and back cover, fine art paper, 243 x 291mm.

This is the first edition. ISBN: 978-1-910566-32-9


Photographer: PETER BYRNE
Title: THIS LAND – Cowboys and the Landscape of the American West
Publisher: Self published
Price: £32 plus £3 postage
Publication Date: March 2018
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Peter Byrne is a York based professional photographer and undertook a year long project, visiting 45 different ranches in 12 States.

"This Land is the culmination of project I began several years ago after a chance encounter with some cowboys I met at a ranch rodeo just outside Oklahoma City. I was subsequently invited to stay for a few days at the JA ranch in Texas, and it was during this brief visit when I was fortunate to ride out with a couple of cowboys that I became fascinated with their lives, the culture and more especially the landscape in which they worked.

The cowboy has played a hugely important role in the history and culture of the American West. Just as importantly however, has been the land on which they have worked. It has provided the perfect stage on which to perform, and it is this alliance which has always intrigued me. I am captivated by the desolation of desert and mountains and their relationship with the loneliness and solitude of the cowboy, who appears almost lost and insignificant in this vast open country; how in many ways the landscape provides the perfect backdrop for those at one with nature; and how the ever-changing landscape can shape the temperament and personality of the cowboy, creating a unique bond, built on knowledge, respect and appreciation of the land."

Taken with a 6×6 film camera. 52 full colour images. 112pp. 240 x 170mm.

Wrap/cover – 4 versions available.
Limited edition of 300. ISBN 978-1-5272-0707-3


Photographer: YAN WANG PRESTON
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Price: £45
Publication Date: May 2018
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Yan visited Harrogate Photographic Society in March 2017 and presented her project Mother River. The following it week it was announced she had won the 1st Prize in Syngenta Photography Award 2017 with her new project Forest.

Forest follows the development of transplanted old trees in Chinese mega cities.

In 2013, during a long-term photography project along the Yangtze river, Yan Wang Preston made an incisive observation: in the small village of Xialiu stood an over 300 old tree in all of its glory, right in the center of a community that was, at the time of Yan’s visit, being coerced into moving so that a dam could be built in that location. Three months later, no trace of the village or the tree could be seen. The residents had moved up the mountain. And the 70 ton tree? It was sold for $10,000 to a hotel in the nearest large city, Binchuan. Yan found the tree, divested of all its branches and leaves and bandaged in plastic, inside the skeleton of the hotel, which was still under construction - like a living sculpture that has yet to become cognizant of its new surroundings. In China, the country where cities are springing up, transplanting nature is big business.

In the photo series Forest Yan tracks down many uprooted creatures that are now in concrete deserts, once again questioning our sense of the meaning of homeland.

Hardcover: 30 x 26 cm, 128 pages, 65 Plates.
Publisher: Hatje Cantz, 1st Edition.
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4375-4


Photographer: LUCY SAGGERS
Publisher: Self published
Price: £12
Publication Date: May 2018
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Of Life and Land is a curated collection of black and white photographs by Lucy Saggers. Evoking the essence of relationships and community, the exhibition shows works from Lucy’s ongoing documentary project set in the village of Ampleforth, on the southern edge of the North York Moors National Park.

Taken over the last four years, Lucy says her work “seeks to shine a light on the sense of continuity that still exists in rural communities, and the way a piece of country is stitched into people’s lives despite today’s fast-changing times.”

Lucy’s ‘everyday’ scenes captured over the last four years were described by LensCulture magazine as “visually and thematically beautiful” and as “possessing such consciousness for texture, generosity of spirit, grasping always for the light and for humility” by the Yorkshire Art Journal.


Photographer: MARTIN AMIS (not him)
Publisher: RRB Publishing
Price: £40
Publication Date: May 2018
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Martin Amis’ photobook The Gamblers is the culmination of his long-term project photographing at racecourses across the South of England. The Gamblers is an affectionate portrait of the racing crowd, a well-informed tribe of racing enthusiasts, from a quirky mix of class and social backgrounds, who come together to find the next winner. Martin immersed himself in the racing crowds, camera at the ready, often betting himself as he sought his next subject. Despite covering so many races over more than a decade with a variety of cameras and shooting strategies, Martin has skillfully collected his images into a single story. Filled with moments of gentle humour, The Gamblers will take you from highs to lows, through moments of tension to the frenetic and jubilant energy of the holding the winning slip.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are my regular trips to the races with my father. I loved to watch the horses race, but I loved even more to watch the motley cast of characters betting on them. The stench of beer and tobacco would fill the air, bookmakers’ chants of the latest odds cut through the gamblers lively conversations as I helped my father place his bets. As a photographer, it was a very obvious subject to focus my camera lens upon.”

104 Pages. Format: Hardback, 1st edition.


Photographer: TISH MURTHA
Publisher: Bluecoat Press
Price: Paperback £19 (Amazon), Hardback £60
Publication Date: December 2017
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Tish Murtha's important photographic essay on the hardships of youth unemployment in Newcastle during the Thatcher years.

Tish believed that photography could change lives for the better but sadly died of a brain aneurysm in 2013 before her dream of a book could be realised. Ella Murtha is responsible for the publication - a tribute to her mother.

Tish was born in South Shields, near Newcastle, in 1956, the 3rd of 10 children. She left school at 16 and had a variety of different jobs from selling hot dogs to working in a petrol station. After enrolling on a night photography course, Tish decided she wanted to become a photographer and was offered a place at the prestigious School of Documentary Photography at the University of Wales under the guidance of Magnum photographer David Hurn.

The photographs were shot over a few years starting in 1979 and exhibited at Newcastle's Side Gallery in 1981. They captured the hardship that the North East of England suffered during the Thatcher era - a period of bitter conflict as young people grew more and more frustrated with an economic system that deprived them of a productive and meaningful future.


Publisher: Dewi Lewis
Price: £29
Publication Date: March 2018
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The Englishman & the Eel is a journey into that most London of institutions, the Eel, Pie and Mash shop. Stuart Freedman grew up in East London in the 1970s, then a byword for poverty now a metaphor for gentrification. The streets were navigated by pubs, rough, cheap cafés and Eel, Pie and Mash shops. Often elaborately decorated with ornate Victorian tiling, many sold live eels in metal trays that faced out onto the street to the fascination (and sometimes horror) of passersby. Inside, warmth and comfort. Steam. Tea. Laughter. Families.

Now few in number, the shops are havens for what the East End once was – but this is no rosy description of the Cockney – that music hall, heart-of-gold caricature but an affectionate and serious look at what that culture and its people have evolved into. The Englishman and the Eel is not an encyclopaedic record of every shop. Rather, a document of the most interesting and significant ones to make a book that is a tribute to a timeless institution. For Stuart the eel and its decline is a metaphor of the cultural change that has enveloped the East End. What remains is a tenacious and rare creature – endangered – but still surviving.

Hardback, 224 pages, 80 colour plates.
220mm x 165mm.
ISBN: 978-1-911306-20-7