Notice Board

Mount Board 50cm x 40cm Pre-cut

Members may wish to purchase cut-to-size mount board for the forthcoming print competitions

Pre-cut mount board can be purchase from Paper Spectrum


 Sold in quantities of 10 with a small price reduction for 100+ and in a range of colours

Price examples (for 10) are (including vat)

  • Antique white £9.98
  • Ice White £9.98
  • Black with white core £11.79
  • Hayseed textured £10.79
  • Snow White Textured £12.99

Delivery (4-5 working day) is £3.95  inc vat or next working day  £8.34 inc vat or so it clearly pays to order in quantity (maybe team up with someone)

Prices may change so check

Here’s what they said about packaging:

Thank you for your enquiry.

We can understand your concerns as mount board is a little delicate.

We send out over 10,000 packs of 500x400mm mount board per year and whilst we do get very occasional damaged boards where the pack has been very badly handled by the courier it is quite rare.

Our method is to wrap the board first in corrugated paper which is 600mm wide, giving 50mm at each end which we pack with rolled up corrugated. The whole package is then wrapped in a sheet of corrugated card and then sealed.

This gives excellent protection to the board, but especially to the corners.

Damaged goods can add quite some cost to our operation and lead to unhappy customers. There is no way of guaranteeing no damages but we believe our methods are thorough and keep damages to an absolute minimum.


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