Mike Joyce

I’m primarily a landscape photographer, although I do like to have one or two ‘projects’ that I can turn to when the landscape or weather conditions are not suitable.

The landscape is out there every day, constantly changing, no two days are ever the same, and often no two moments in time are the same in terms of lighting conditions, cloud structure etc. I especially like water in the landscape, which I think adds another dimension. For me it’s about being out in the landscape – it’s ‘the thrill of the chase’ – looking for that illusive location and set of conditions that all come together, especially at sunrise when the dawn of a new day can be magical – so get out there, nature is awesome.

Bamburgh Dawn by Mike Joyce Bishopdale by Mike Joyce Derwent Water Blues by Mike Joyce Derwent Water sunset by Mike Joyce Dusk over Taransay by Mike Joyce Fence at Daybreak by Mike Joyce Light on Reeds by Mike Joyce Lochan and Cullin Hills by Mike Joyce Mist Rolling In by Mike Joyce North Tyne Pier by Mike Joyce Snowy Nightfall by Mike Joyce Sunrise-Rannock Moor by Mike Joyce Swaledale Barn by Mike Joyce The Quarang Isle of Skye by Mike Joyce The Sound of Sleat by Mike Joyce Tree on Hill by Mike Joyce

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