Mike Brown ARPS

Art forms do not stagnate.  Photography is no exception.  Recent technological advances have enormously broadened the scope for experimenting.  In this panel I focus on colour: its effects and uses.  The images range from patterns produced by passing light beams through glass ornaments, to photographs subjected to a high degree of computer manipulation.  Just as music can enhance or supplement the appreciation of an image, so can colour. “Colour speaks directly to the soul”.  I endeavour to use colour manipulation to communicate the impact an image has on me.  Also, multiple images are sometimes compounded as a result of motivation by impressionist and creative abstract art.

All images by Mike Brown

Wonder of science4 Wonder of science3 Wonder of science2 Wonder of science1 Refraction4 Refraction3 Refraction2 Refraction1 Fantasy5 Fantasy4 Fantasy2 Fantasy1 Architecturel abstract5 Architectural abstract3 Architectural abstract2 Architectural abstract1

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