Maureen Rush ARPS

I have been a painter of Watercolour and Pastels most of my life, and was a member of the London Society of Botanical Artist and exhibited with the Society of Women Artists. I also held numerous one woman shows.

I have always loved taking photographs and used them as an aide memoir in my art work and for my Adult Education Classes which I taught for 25 years but knew nothing about cameras having always just used a point and shoot.

When I retired from A.E.Teaching, I decided to buy a compact digital camera and take up photography more seriously.

My husband taught me to use a computer and I now have my own large screen PC. With the support, advice and workshops of both the U3A photo group and the Harrogate Photographic Society, which I joined about three years ago, I am now post processing and printing my own work.

I use two Canon bridge cameras, the G12 and the SX 50 and always carry one wherever I go. My shots are mainly hand held. I still have so much to learn and find the prospect very exciting.

01Fragility by Maureen Rush 02 Breathing by Maureen Rush 03 Melody by Maureen Rush 04 Sprites by Maureen Rush 05 The Semira and Staithes by Maureen Rush 06 Snow, Mist and Sunshine by Maureen Rush 07 Silver Light by Maureen Rush 08 Lingering Mist by Maureen Rush 09 Curlew by Maureen Rush 10 The Kill by Maureen Rush 11 The Kiss by Maureen Rush 12 December Fungi by Maureen Rush 13 La Campesina Looks Out by Maureen Rush 14 Waiting for his Shot by Maureen Rush 15 Orange Flame Abstract by Maureen Rush 16 My New Rolex by Maureen Rush

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