Entry Forms

To enter a competition, you will need to complete an Entry Form to accompany your images.

You must use one of the two Entry Forms available: either the e-Entry Form which you download and then fill in on your computer and which will “auto-complete” much of the information for you as well as generating all the filenames you will need for the CD/DVD that will accompany your entry; or the m-Entry Form which you must download, print off and then complete in manuscript.

It is recommended that you try and use the e-Entry Form whenever possible but it will only work if you have access to either Word for Windows or Word for Mac. Do not try to use it with other software – you will not end up with a complete entry form that we can use!

If you have any problems downloading the Digital Entry Forms, please contact:


stating which form you require, and they will email one to you direct.


Entry Forms for the 2017/18 DPI competition are:

E-Entry Form     e-EntryForm PDI v5

Manual Entry Form     m-EntryForm PDI v4


The deadline for Print Competition entries in the 2017/18 Season has now passed. Advice about how to enter the Print Competition for the 2018/19 Season will be available in due course


 Entry Forms not yet available

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