inSight explores Contemporary Art and Documentary Photography.

Members of inSight are image makers, not image takers.  In the case of Contemporary Art Photography, creating contextualised bodies work that are the realisation of ideas considered before picking up the camera, and which under-pin the finished work. Or, in the case of Documentary Photography, investigating culturally relevant issues.

inSight aims to penetrates the superficial aesthetic of pictorial imagery or factual reportage, and critically engage the viewer’s intellect and emotion with the meaning beneath, to inform and challenge deeper understanding of the subject.

We consider the work of established and emerging Contemporary Art photographers and use our appreciation of this to explore and express our own ideas and create individual cohesive bodies of work.

Each member is in a different place of creative discovery and new members are welcome to join the group and begin their own journey.

inSight meets on the third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise announced.

The following are examples of bodies of work created by  inSight members

Karel de Pauw


In 1982 a British task force routed the Argentine occupiers of the Falkland Islands, inadvertently precipitating the downfall of the fascist junta in Buenos Aires that had murdered thousands of its political opponents.

I took these photographs during visits to Argentina and the Falklands and conceived their montage as a documentary reflection on the 30th anniversary of the war. Apart from the visible remnants – aircraft wreckage, mine fields – what I found striking was the contrast in the public portrayals of the conflict.

On the mainland, defiant proclamations of ownership overshadow neglected monuments in forgotten hamlets honouring conscripts whose lives were sacrificed by the junta. The extermination of the indigenous population in the 19th Century, however, scarcely seem to register in the consciousness of those who rail against the perceived remnants of British colonialism.

While the lethal fallout of the occupation is a constant reminder to the Islanders of the ultimate price paid by both sides in the war, they commemorate those who liberated them with understated dignity.

Martin Drury

When Saturday Comes

For many people, the period of the year from September to April signifies the football season. And Saturday is match day.

The regular pilgrimage to the home team ground, the match build up and the range of sensations and emotions created by being part of the crowd are the subject of this photographic project.

The photographs were taken during the regular walk into the ground and from the usual seat. This small selection is part of the attempt to convey an impression of the combination of joy and misery involved in the season of a football supporter.


Chris Hopkins

Blue Skies & Ketchup

This is an on-going project observing the leisure activities of the British public.



Barrie MacJannette

India – On the Road

These are part of a series of images snatched from a moving vehicle in northern India which reveal the colour and confusion of this, an amazing country of unlimited energy, with one foot in ancient traditions and customs whilst the other kicks forward into the modern world.


John Sanders

Going Underground

Part of an on-going project.


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