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All club members are welcome to the meetings of the IMAGinE group.

IMAGinE is about expanding our visual imagination, developing ways of seeing, and taking photography beyond the simple record of what is in front of the lens into creative realms. We explore post-capture techniques and image manipulation where appropriate for the subject matter.

A variety of topics is offered for members to interpret as they wish, and this also provides opportunities to develop creative and manipulative skills. The results, either as work-in-progress or a final image, are projected digitally. Constructive comments and discussion of digital techniques form an essential part of the evening. Group members are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge and secrets with the rest of the group so that all members can learn and grow.

The group has an online collaborative resource which contains information about techniques including video demonstrations and which can be accessed by group members.

All members who wish to progress their photography and to develop it as a medium of expression are encouraged to join IMAGinE. The group co-ordinator is Graham Roberts, who also edits this webpage
All meetings will be on a Thursday at 7.30pm.

Meetings are held in the Victoria Room at the United Reformed Church, (Victoria Avenue entrance). There is a £3 per person meeting charge, payable on the night, to cover the cost of room hire.

This webpage is updated with the work of the group throughout the year.

Meetings for 2017 have been fixed as follows:

January 26 Theme is Images developed using “Nik Effects”
February 23 Theme is “Windows”
March 23 Men and Women at Work
April 27 Blue
May  – No Meeting
June – No Meeting
July – No Meeting
August – No Meeting
September 28
October 26
November 23
December – No Meeting

April Theme: Blue
This was our last theme before a Summer break. It was difficult to choose from the large selection of images with such a wide interpretation of the blue theme.
untitled-17A _DSC2693e 04 Blue Nidd by Maureen Rush 06 Shades of Blue Glass by Maureen Rush 6 Blue Ice 1 9 Blue Roots 1 010 Himalayan Garden-0036 by Robert Steemson Blue 1 Fly Me To The Moon MikeH Blue 2 Ring My Bell MikeH Blue singers-3 Blue Tone 2 To Infinity MikeH Funky Chicken-6 Graham Blue project (4 of 14) Graham Blue project (6 of 14) Graham Blue project (11 of 14) road_dinosaur-3 untitled-12 untitled-20 Graham Blue project (1 of 14) 2 Blue Harbour


March Theme: Men (and women) at Work

Plenty of opportunities presented themselves for this theme, most of them  close to home

Working at home is so hard Fixing the Roof Wedding Photographer 9 Cannot give it away (1 of 4) DSC00504 DSC04071 Steelwork 5 GR5_1133 GR5_1441 IMG_0845 The Window (10 of 17) untitled-1 untitled-5 untitled-9

February Theme: Windows 

A large and varied number of images were submitted for this theme. From “straight” images illustrating the range of unusual windows and their reflections; to creative images using powerful filters to create some striking effects. It has been difficult to select so few for the website selection

window 1 untitled-10 untitled-8 untitled-4 M Trinity Leeds N80 look through any window GR5_1193 Fashionable Windows montage DSC_3279 m cropped cloned The Sage in Full Sail 14 Eye by Maureen Rush 4a_San Franciscoc 3b5_Christchurch 2_Paris0 02 Repetition by Maureen Rush 1c2_Berlin 01 Bulbs by Maureen Rush window roof of potting shed 6a3_London Cityb 8c_Manhattan Reflections


January Theme: Nik Effects

The Nik Effects suite of editing software has recently been made as a no-cost download. The task this month was to experiment with its capabilities. Group members showed a wide range of images and we all learned quite a lot about the breath of the software’s capabilities. There were many images and below is merely a sample.

Nik knight ext nik MANCHESTER 2 IMG_8428210117martinbarrelen LOWRES GR5_0303-Edit GR4_9610-Edit GR4_9549-Edit GLASGOW 2 CASTLE 2 23-Shine by Maureen Rush (2) 15-Rope by Maureen Rush 15 Nik Efex Junkyardbypass Sat darkened MikeH 7 Autumn colours 2 5 Moggy BBypass Infrared jiggled crop MikeH 05-Hoverfly by Maureen Rush 4 IIllusion in the woods 2 rjw 1b after

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