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All club members are welcome to the meetings of the IMAGinE group.

IMAGinE is about expanding our visual imagination, developing ways of seeing, and taking photography beyond the simple record of what is in front of the lens into creative realms. We explore post-capture techniques and image manipulation where appropriate for the subject matter.

A variety of topics is offered for members to interpret as they wish, and this also provides opportunities to develop creative and manipulative skills. The results, either as work-in-progress or a final image, are projected digitally. Constructive comments and discussion of digital techniques form an essential part of the evening. Group members are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge and secrets with the rest of the group so that all members can learn and grow.

The group has an online collaborative resource which contains information about techniques including video demonstrations and which can be accessed by group members.

All members who wish to progress their photography and to develop it as a medium of expression are encouraged to join IMAGinE. The group co-ordinator is Graham Roberts, who also edits this webpage

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All meetings will be on a Thursday at 7.30pm.

Meetings are held in the Victoria Room at the United Reformed Church, (Victoria Avenue entrance). There is a £3 per person meeting charge, payable on the night, to cover the cost of room hire.

This webpage is updated with the work of the group throughout the year.

Meetings for 2016 have been fixed as follows:

January 28 – Themes are Faces in Places and Before and After
February 25 – Theme is Waves
March 24 – Theme is Seeing the light
April 28 – Theme is Fun with Filters
May 26 – Theme is Under….Something
June 23 – Theme is An Iconic Subject from different perspectives
July 28– Theme is In or Out
August – no meeting
September 22 – Theme is Perspective
October 27 – Theme is It’s good enough to eat?
November 24 – Theme is Harrogate at Night
December – no meeting

For examples of IMAGinE 2015 images Click Here

All images are copyright of the authors who are members of Harrogate Photographic Society and may not be reproduced.

November Theme: Harrogate at Night
Our final meeting of 2016 brought us a good selection of work, despite the cold weather
Southeast corner at night November 2016 GR5_0631 GR5_0651 Hgtenight1 by Alistair Hamilton HGTenight3 by Alistair Hamilton I IMGP7307 IMGP7314 O Rossett_Winter-71 1 Goodnight Harrogate 1_ BarrieM-3 BarrieM-4 BarrieM-8 BarrieM-14 Birstwith Church by Maureen Rush Birstwith shop 4 by Maureen Rush Fire Garden 1 MikeH Fire Garden 2 MikeH Fire Garden 6 MikeH

October Theme: It’s good enough to eat???
Is it really good enough to eat? The group members had a number of interpretations..
untitled-2 3 GR4_5942-Edit 05 Good Enough to Eat by Maureen Rush 6 GR Maggots in sardine tin 08 Good Enough to Eat by Maureen Rush 8 GR Sardines in a tin tomato sauce 10 Good Enough to Eat by Maureen Rush 11 To Good to Eat by Maureen Rush 13 IMG_8119271016eat Good enough to eat  1  by Alistair Hamilton

September Theme: Perspective
This theme was interpreted as either “a different perspective on something”  in other words a different way of looking at something, or “the perspective of distance, showed by eg converging verticals” We had lots of takes on the idea

untitled-16 1 Perspective 1 by Alistair Hamilton 4b MikeB 20160907-P1010326 Different Perspective by Alistair Hamilton Eric the obscure mono GR4_4185-Edit  Harsh GR4_8962 Hand perspective 2 untitled-3 untitled-5 untitled-10


July Theme: In or Out
There were a number of takes on this theme: In or out of focus, In step, Brexit, Olympics, Cricket. Here are some examples
Signpost in or out EU 1 2 4 Step In! 8 9 20160726-tree house_edited-1 copy Electrical in or out g3 Mike B 1260a In and Out (4) In or Out 2 by AH In or Out 3 by AH Jack in Box in or out keys to get into roman remains palmyra Opinions in or out P1050907-1-2

June Theme: An Iconic Subject from different perspectives
The task was to present a series of interesting and unique perspectives by photographing an iconic site.
c _DSC2363W c _DSC2363W1 CD IMG_6504180416glasgowgoma DD IMG_6689180416glasgowarmadillo Scottish Parliament Building1 by Alistair Hamilton Scottish Parliament Building2  by Alistair Hamilton Scottish Parliament Building3  by Alistair Hamilton Scottish Parliament Building5  by Alistair Hamilton The Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh Taj Mahal Vienna Riesenrad Vienna Riesenrad AB IMG_5908170416falkirkkelpies1 AE IMG_5753170416falkirkkelpies BD IMG_6000170416falkirkwheel BE IMG_5959170416falkirkwheel

May Theme: Under….Something
There were so many good examples brought to the group from “Under construction” to “Under the influence”. Here are a few examples

Under The Weather MikeH 1 UNDER OFFERS 02Under the Moon by Maureen Rush 2 UNDER MAINTAINED 10 UNDER THE BRIDGE H.D.R 12 UNDER A CLOUD 15 Under the Archway by Maureen Rush 15 UNDER THE ENGINE aEC0000_DSC9321aaa GR4_7509 GR4_7599 GR4_7715 lindisfarne road under water P1000364R rjw 3366 under Six Feet Under, Pushing Up MikeH tEC0000_DSC8892a Under a midnight moon by Alistair Hamilton under blackfriars bridge Under the Influence by Alistair Hamilton Under The Influence1 MikeH under the law 3 UNDER DISCUSSION 08 Under Umbrellas by Maureen Rush under the thames Under the Weather  by Alistair Hamilton

April Theme : Fun with Filters
There are lots of filters available, either built-in to well-known software packages or as plug-ins and therefore there are endless opportunities to get creative. Group members shared their experiences, knowledge and images. Here are just a few.

3 DSC_5980 Plastic Wrap 1 y BMacJ -5 y BMacJ -3 Sketchmaster 1 rjw11 golf balls x 3 rjw04 cottage  x 5 Keukenhof Twirl K5WZ2432TENb&wfindedges Image10 Image7b Graffiti Carribean Style Fractalius 2 El Torcal 5 Solarize Levels MikeH 12 DSC_5980 Water paper 1 8 Flower Art Bleach BypassImage4bPlanet Scrapyard  by Alistair Hamilton

March Theme: Seeing the Light
A large number of images this month from a variation on a light bulb to observed natural light. Here are a few of them.

watery light Auxerre Cathedral at Night 1 - Rays of The Dalek 1 MikeH 2 Fountains Abbey Cellarium preset1 Barcelona Fountan at Night 3 GR4_5882 4 DSC_8759 7 - Lightscape 2 Mike H 8 10 Double ended lightbulb A IMG_3739070316windturbinenightA light on water  Alistair Hamilton M IMG_4843130316morecambesunset Oatlands_Fest_2016-77 Seeing the Light  Alistair Hamilton seeingthelight_jeffjaycock_1

February Theme: Waves
Group members worked on the monthly theme of Waves, but also introduced the work they had been creating using HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques which cover styles ranging from “natural” to “surreal”

Here are examples from both


Yala Beach 11 Bamburgh Waves 1-7 MIkeH Gaussian B-Dance 1 Fiery Waves MikeH Flagwaving 2 MikeH GR4_6378 GR4_6380-3 GR4_6383-2 GR4_6389-Edit GR4_6395 I-Discharge8 Q-Deravitive

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Scrapyard 5 monochrome 2 1 Roofers 2 solarised AC 2LAMP Painterty 5 5 Maori 3 surreal 2 6ENGINE 11 A Study in Rust 3 13 Fountains Abbey Cellarium 1 16  Fountains Abbey Mill Gearing PGR4_6389-Edit HDR Scraphdr4 Scrapyard 1 surreal Scrapyard 4 surreal

January Theme: Faces in Places
This first theme of the year was more challenging than people expected, but the group came up with quite a variety of places which, with a bit of tweaking were convincing enough to have believable faces. Faces in 13 amp plugs to chimney pots!!
The second theme of demonstrating the enhancements made to images (Before and After) does not lend itself to static presentation here.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE 4 Deer Me! face in glass-Charlemagne faces in Kelvingrove Museum Ghost Rodent-2 GR4_6095 GR4_6238 GR4_6244 Smaug waited The Last Dinosaur-2 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE untitled-3

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