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All club members are welcome to the meetings of the IMAGinE group.

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IMAGinE is about expanding our visual imagination, developing ways of seeing, and taking photography beyond the simple record of what is in front of the lens into creative realms. We explore post-capture techniques and image manipulation where appropriate for the subject matter.

A variety of topics is offered for members to interpret as they wish, and this also provides opportunities to develop creative and manipulative skills. The results, either as work-in-progress or a final image, are projected digitally. Constructive comments and discussion of digital techniques form an essential part of the evening. Group members are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge and secrets with the rest of the group so that all members can learn and grow.

The group has an online collaborative resource which contains information about techniques including video demonstrations and which can be accessed by group members.

All members who wish to progress their photography and to develop it as a medium of expression are encouraged to join IMAGinE. The group co-ordinator is Graham Roberts, who also edits this webpage.

All meetings will be on a Thursday at 7.30pm.

Meetings are held in the Victoria Room at the United Reformed Church, (Victoria Avenue entrance). There is a £2 per person meeting charge, payable on the night, to cover the cost of room hire.

This webpage is updated with the work of the group throughout the year.

Meetings for 2015 considered the following themes

January 29 – Theme is Montage.
February 26 – Theme is Winter Weather
March 26 – Theme is Trees
April 23 – Theme is Home
May 28 – Theme is The Scene of the Crime
June 25 – Theme is Going Places
July 30 – Theme is Pandora’s Box + Mobile images
August – no meeting
September 24 – Triangles , Circles and Rectangles + Mobile images
October 29 – 1. Textiles with Colour. 2. Multiple selfies + Mobile images
November 26 – Three
December – no meeting

All images are copyright of the authors who are members of Harrogate Photographic Society and may not be reproduced.

November Theme: Three
There were lets of images the choose from this month. This is a small representative selection

GR4_5942-Edit IMG_2293271011threeA Mountainsd seeing three again-1_edited-2 Three Queens 1 three_jeffjaycock01 threes 0a1 4 Three leaves 6 A view through three windows - BMacJ 07 Triple Selfie 8 Three edges 8c final 3 12 Three's company 2 14 Apples6b Bridlington Three shop 1 (2) GR4_5922-Edit ocean ripple GR4_5922-Edit twirl

October Themes: 1 Textiles 2. Multiple Selfies
An unusually low attendance at this months meeting giving rise to fewer images than normal. Textiles, in the main was addressed by macro work supported by focussed stacking techniques/software, whereas multiple selfies was addressed using multiple images combined using Photoshop layers and layer masks

Multiple selfies
Multiple selfie 2 Multiple selfie 1


wool cloth cap leather wallet interior foam rubber cushion cover cream and black knitwear Bow tie 2613b Lenas cleaning cloth3

September Theme: Triangles, Circles and Rectangles

The group had a number of takes on this theme, demonstrating their powers of observation. Some of the images below were captured and developed on mobile devices

untitled-1030909 untitled-1030944 untitled-1030907 round hats not quite a circle IMG_4117 GR4_5053 GR4_5049 GR4_5041 Colourful Angles by Graham Roberts a german triangle 28 Kitzbuhel Galleria Staircase by Robert Steemson 4 Bit of Tin, Bit of Board, put it together_ The Falkirk Wheel The Forth Bridge untitled-1040062

July Theme: Pandora’s Box + Mobile images
In July the group was asked to create images on the theme of Pandora’s box in addition to experimenting with the capabilities of mobile device cameras. For the latter the image had to be taken using a mobile device and manipulated using only software on the same mobile device.

Pndora’s box images

pandorasbox_jeffjaycock 3 Pandora's box 6 2 Pandora's box 1 1 Pandora's box 5 pandoras box opens 5 Pandora's box 3

Mobile device images

Jpeg 1-010a 3b-20150221_141931a 8-Chandelier2 IMG_0774 IMG_3313 IMG_3332 IMG_3368 RJWJI c 1607.1 Jpeg sony mobile photo using pixlr

June Theme: Going Places
There were various interpretations of this theme from ” Other people going places” to “I’ve been there”
goingplaces_jeffjaycock 8 GR4_3813 going places slowly_01_edited-1 going places- gone All in a Row by Maureen Rush 8 08 Giants Postcard by Robert Steemson 7 GR4_3810-Edit with  extra effects-Edit 4 GR4_3809-Edit 3 Going Home by B MacJannette 1 GR4_3797 GP4

May Theme: The Scene of the Crime
Different takes on this theme from a gruesome image of a beheading to graffiti crime and the wrecking of a monastery. Photoshop multi-layer work was clearly in evidence

sceneofthecrime_jeffjaycock 1 Fountains Abbey s 2 Buried on the Stray 4 The beheading IMG_3512 copy low crime scene scene of the crime Scene of the Silent Scream MikeH

April Theme: Home
Surprisingly this theme was quite challenging. Was is about the photographer’s home? Someone else’s home? A home of the present, past or future? A reminder of home? Here’s what the group came up with.

Nile Island Home_edited-2 Eric, Bertha and Poppy Amersfoort Reflected-1 10 Troglodyte House Interior B MikeH
8 IMG_3926-stylised 06 Bee Home  By Maureen Rush 5 Home 1954 03 Butterflies by Maureen Rush
1 Park Avenue Panorama1 4 GR4_3186-Edit with rooms untitled- 01 Early Morning  Blue Room by Maureen Rush

March Theme: Trees
Group members brought forward a large number of images for this theme. The selection below shows examples of treatments to create particular artistic effects using filters, layers and blending modes and images with patterns. Some images were created entirely from scratch using a combination of elements. There is  also a shoe tree and a fools gold-with money tree interpretation

Wispy Birch 3 PPS 1 treesproject_4_earlymorningmist_jeffjaycock treesproject_3_sunset_jeffjaycock treesproject_1_chequerboard_jeffjaycock
Trees-8 Treehouse 4 efex The old and the new trees Sil Birches  Cragside
rjw t5 0215 rjw t3 Ripon Spa Gardens Sculpture_edited-1 Can't See Wood for Trees
15 11 GR4_2850 shoe tree tree 10 8 4 colurs of tree
5 The Stray by Robert Steemson 05 3-FoolGold 2 Bruges convent panorama

February Theme: Winter weather
Even though the month of February did not give members the opportunity to photograph extreme weather, IMAGinE group members were able to digitally build-in severe weather  to some of their images, giving rise to an interesting and creative set of examples.

Winter Weather by Alista9ir Hamilton Walk 3 MikeH Snow Scene 1 by Robert Steemson Lakes Hills 4 MikeH
Gardens 2 MikeH 16-Molly 13-Wrapped up Warm 9 DSC00899
6 Storm Over The Crown with rain 6 Foggy Autumn Stray 2 AC 2 Snowy Trinity Church West Park Zed Rover 3 MikeH

January Theme: Montage

There were different opinions as to what constituted a montage (an is it the same as a collage?) Some examples are below
New Home by Jeff Jaycock Retirement Party by Jeff Jaycock Christmas Card by Jeff Jaycock Le Tour MontageHoly Island Montage Guarding Nelson Collages Bombing the Bankers40’s Day Montage Shimla Railway by Robert Steemson Remembrance Montage Christmas Images 2014 by Robert Steemson

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